Legal Leaders for Diversity and Inclusion – February, 2018

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear.” -Rosa Parks.


February is Black History month.  Your organization will likely have a celebration you can participate in, but it also gives you the chance to reflect on the inclusion of blacks both within your teams, but also in terms of other activities such as mentoring or sponsoring.  One simple act is participating in LAWS. As mentioned in the last newsletter, if you are in the GTA, please contact Sarah Pole (Sarah Pole, and if you are outside the GTA, see what you can do to provide an opportunity to a student who would not otherwise get such a chance.

At the last Executive meeting, we had a great discussion on the #metoo movement.  General Counsel and their teams can play a significant leadership role in a number of ways, including creating a safe place for discussions.  To that end, the Ethics Centre is sponsoring a Canadian Club panel discussion on March 6.  See below. February 8, 2018



Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Colin Bohm, Lisa Kimmel, and Janice Rubin, moderated by Kenneth Fredeen

“A Perfect Storm for Reform: Navigating the Path Forward in the Wake of #MeToo”


The ongoing accusations, revelations – and ultimately, consequences – swirling around workplace harassment are continuing to raise questions and spark debate about how men and women can work together productively in the current environment. Join us on March 6 when our esteemed panel, Colin Bohm (Corus Entertainment Inc.), Lisa Kimmel (Edelman Canada), and Janice Rubin (Rubin Thomlinson LLP), moderated by Kenneth Fredeen (Deloitte), look to untangle the grey area and discuss productive and proactive solutions to help uncover a collective path forward.



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Location: Hilton Toronto
145 Richmond Street WestDate: Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Time: 11:45 AM – 1:30 PM

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Religious and Cultural observances

  • February 1 – Candlemas Day (Christian) Celebrates the presentation of the baby Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem 40 days after his birth. This day is now combined with candlelight marches in preparation for planting in the fields.
  • February 11 – Kindness Awareness Week (International) Established in 1995, the movement inspires people to share kindness with one another as they discover for themselves what power it has to effect positive change as healthy relationships are created and community connections are nourished.
  • February 13 – Carnaval Parade (Brazil) A two-day celebration before Ash Wednesday. It is called the Mardi Gras in Brazil.
  • February 14 – Ash Wednesday (Lent Begins) (Christian) This day marks the beginning of Lent. Ash symbolizes sorrow for wrong doings and foreheads of churchgoers are marked with the shape of the cross with ashes as a sign of penitence.
  • February 16 – Chinese New Year (China, Buddhist, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam) The year of the Dog. This is the year 4716 in the Chinese Lunar calendar and the most important holiday. It is a three-day holiday in China and Hong Kong. The Chinese clean and decorate their homes with the 5 lucky signs of happiness; new clothes are worn and even the poorest buy new shoes, for it is considered bad luck to step down on the ground into old shoes. Vietnamese call it the ‘Tet’ Festival.
  • February 16 – Losar (New Year Tibet) (Tibet, Buddhist) The Tibetan New Year is called Losar and is celebrated for three days by visiting, feasting and the relaxation the monastic discipline.
  • February 16 – Solnal (Korea) This is the biggest event of the year in Korea. 15 days after Solnal on the first full moon day, Koreans eat a five-grain meal and pray for a bountiful harvest.
  • February 19 – Louis Riel Day Louis Riel was the famous Metis leader who in 1885 led a rebellion and lost against the Canadian authorities because he feared more Metis land would be taken away by the settlers. Today his name is a symbol for Native independence.
  • February 19 – Clean Monday (Great Lent Begins) (Christian – Coptic & Eastern Orthodox) It is the beginning of the forty-day fast when Christians imitate Jesus’ withdrawal into the wilderness before his crucifixion.

Other dates of note

Date Event
February 1 Anniversary Day – Auckland (New Zealand)
February 1 Abolition of Slavery (Mauritius)
February 2 Imbolg (Wicca)
February 2 Groundhog Day (Canada, USA)
February 3 Setsubun-Sai (Japan)
February 4 Independence Day (Sri Lanka)
February 4 World Cancer Day (UN)
February 6 Waitangi Day (New Zealand)
February 7 Mulk (18th Month) (Bahá’i)
February 7 Independence Day (Grenada)
February 8 Boy Scout Day (Canada)
February 8 Kitchen God Celebration (China)
February 12 Family Day (British Columbia)
February 13 Shivrati (Hindu)
February 13 Shrove Tuesday (Christian)
February 14 Valentines Day (Canada, UK, USA)
February 15 National Flag Day (Canada)
February 15 National Day (Serbia)
February 16 Independence Day (Lithuania)
February 18 Independence Day (Gambia)
February 19 Presidents Day (USA)
February 19 Family Day (Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan)
February 19 Great Prayer Festival (Tibet) (Buddhist)
February 21 International Mother Language Day (UN)
February 22 Girl Guides Thinking Day (Canada)
February 22 Abu Simbel Festival (Egypt)
February 22 Independence Day (Saint Lucia)
February 22 World Day of Water (UN)
February 24 Independence Day (Estonia)
February 25 Intercalary Days (to March 1) (Bahá’i)
February 25 People Power Day (Philippines)
February 25 National Day (Kuwait)
February 27 Independence Day (Dominican Republic)
February 28 Kalevala Day (Finland)
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