About Us

Executive Committee

Sarah Qadeer

Home Depot of Canada Inc.

President, LLD

Diversity of opinions, backgrounds and styles – these are the ingredients of creative decision-making and good business outcomes. Fostering an inclusive environment makes both business and equitable sense.

- Sarah Qadeer

Jeff Davis

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Leaders have a responsibility to create inclusive working environments so their teams are encouraged and feel free to bring their true authentic selves and their unfiltered ideas to the workplace, to create a diverse set of perspectives, and drive their organizations forward.

- Jeff Davis

Jeffrey J. Ellis

Canadian Pacific Railway

It is critical for Canadian companies to have diverse workforces that reflect the makeup of our country. There is no better way to ensure your company is competitive, innovative and engaged at the employee level than welcoming diversity of backgrounds, ideas and opinions.

- Jeffrey J. Ellis

Ken Fredeen

Deloitte LLP

Inclusive behavior and culture maximizes peoples’ ability to be their best. Successful leaders are those who have learned to be inclusive.

- Ken Fredeen

Jeffery Hewitt

Rama First Nation

- Jeffery Hewitt

Paul Noble

BMO Capital Markets

When we can bring our whole selves to work each day, everyone benefits. That’s the advantage of a truly diverse and inclusive workplace.

- Paul Noble

Terra Rebick

Thomson Reuters Canada

- Terra Rebick

Kim Thomassin

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

By being inclusive, business leaders favor the necessary equality of chances that brings out the synergies emerging from the different mindsets and points of view. Diversity makes it happen.

- Kim Thomassin

Andrea Wood


We celebrate and champion diversity by sharing our unique voices, experiences and stories and, more importantly, by understanding and acknowledging our unconscious biases and actively working to overcome them.

- Andrea Wood